Bobby Rosales, the owner of BLAR'S Gamefarm, migrated to the United States on May 1980. He was not a cocker and was only introduced by his childhood friends when he visited the Philippines back in 2003.
Bobby went back to the Philippines on 2004 and became interested in the breeding industry. He started sending broodstocks to the Philippines in the early part of January 2005. 2006 was the first breeding operation. Joined BBC and entered the first breeding batched in BAKBAKAN 2006 with great success.

Bought a piece of property to start his breeding program, eversince, he meet cockers from california and was introduces to some of the great breeders in the United States, like Johnny Jumper, Ray Alexander, Chris Nesmith, Dink Fair to name a few.

He entered and few derbies in the United States and had a great results.

We employ five full time person. Robert, our handler and in charge of breeding was born in Bacolod and came from the family of Cockfighter. Jaymar, after a stint with another farm in Tagaytay came back to us and is again helping Robert in breeding and handling. Alvin & Junjun, another great help for us is helping in our daily chores. Ruel & Rex takes care of BLAR'S Gamefarm range and don't get tired of making the cockerels healthy & strong.

Besides from the five full time employees, Amang as he is well known, has been cocking all his life and is a great help to BLAR'S Gamefarm. He takes care of the financial responsibility, Gaffer of BLAR'S Gamefarm and he is not getting tired of going to Derbies and meetings.

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